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I need a fence panels cut to size

Posted by GFSUK 31/12/2017 1 Comment(s) Questions,

Your about to place an order but realise one or more of the fencing materials you require needs to be cut to size, what do you do?


Not a problem, Garden Fencing Supplies UK are happy to cut our fence panels or gravel boards to a width required free of charge. 


When placing your order, drop us a message in the order comments section stating the size you require. 

1 Comment(s)

Linc Tuckwell:
10/08/2018, 04:25:45 AM

Hi could you tell me if your highest quality closeboard fence panels are only available at 6ft wide (1800mm). The reason I ask is because I need to purchase 5 x 6' x 5'.5"panels to slot into existing concrete posts that I put in a few years back but because of a water drain access box I had to make the gap between 2 of the posts just slightly wider than the standard 1800mm and the gap is 1830mm which is exactly 6ft. At the time I had waney edge panels and I had one made to fit. I guess that your panels are 1800mm as standard and if so is a bespoke panel something you could help me out with. Many thanks

Garden Fencing Supplies UK:
25/08/2018, 05:01:15 PM

Hi Linc,Our fence panels are a true 6ft (1828mm) wide unless otherwise stated.We do offer panels 1.8m wide, they're the "fancy" european style fence panels.Kind Regards, Garden Fencing Supplies UK

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