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Fence Maintenance in Summer

Posted by GFSUK 25/05/2018 0 Comment(s) News,

Summer is just around the corner and you're thinking about the afternoons and evenings spent relaxing and enjoying your garden, after all you've invested time and money to make it look great. 


But, the fence and shed could do with a lick of paint to add the finishing touch to your outside space, and that's got you thinking...


When is the best time to paint your fence or shed?


Well, most Fence Panels and sheds are made from timber - a natural product that changes throughout the seasons.


If you paint it when it's soaking wet after a heavy rain, you won't get an ideal coverage or penetration of your chosen fence and shed preservative.


So it's best to paint your shed or fence when they're thoroughly dry because the preservative with soak further into the timber providing better protection. 


Unfortunately it doesn't end there, painting a dry fence or shed will add plenty of moisture which can cause havoc if the weather is too hot. When timber is force dried it is vulnerable to warping or splitting - after all your hard work painting, this is the last thing you need. 


The Answer


For the best results, your fence or shed needs to be dry and the weather needs to be dry but not hot, we recommend a preservative such as Ronseal Fence Life. 


Happy painting!

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