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Pressure Treated 6FT x 6FT Closeboard Fence Panel

Pressure Treated 6FT x 6FT Closeboard Fence Panel

6FT x 6FT Pressure Treated Closeboard Fence Panel

This high-quality 6FT x 6FT heavy duty closeboard fence panel is manufactured here in the UK

Manufactured using pressure treated timber, we would expect this closeboard fence panel to last up to 20 years if used with a gravel board. It's made using eighteen individual feather edge slats, securely fixed with galvanized ring shanks nails to four heavy-duty backing rails. - Seriously Strong.

The timber selected for this closeboard fence panel has passed our rigorous quality standards and is rated 5 Star by our quality team. All timbers are of a matching colour and are a vibrant golden brown. For longevity, this closeboard fence panel is topped with weather capping

Closeboard Fence Panels are the nations favourite fence panels because they are the complete package, they are ready-made fence panels waiting to be slotted in-between existing concrete posts, or nailed to wooden fence posts.

Key Points

  • Extremely Strong
  • Great Durability
  • Last for 20+ Years
  • Pressure Treated

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Quality Promise

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Heavy Duty

This closeboard fence panel is a high-quality & heavy duty premium fence panel. Our backing rails are 75mm x 32mm thick and the feather edge pales are 125mm x 32mm EX. You won't find a better value for money fence panel anywhere else.

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