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2018 UK Log Shortage

Posted by GFSUK 29/03/2018 1 Comment(s) News,

Great Britain is facing a dramatic timber shortage in 2018 because targets were not met to plant forests nearly 25 years ago, suppliers have warned.


Garden Fencing Supplies UK have been advised by our suppliers that the UK will face a timber shortage in 2018, which could see sawmills having to "bid" for logs.


Garden Fencing Supplies UK have faced three supplier price increases within the first three months of 2018 already. We will continue to do everything possible to absorb price increases but are realistically expecting the need to increase our prices by up to 15% by the end of 2018.


1 Comment(s)

Gramm Barriers:
27/04/2018, 01:16:46 AM

Thanks it 's a nice blog giving the information about the shortage of the timber in 2018!

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