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Top Ten: Garden Sheds & Summer Houses

Posted by GFSUK 28/05/2018 2 Comment(s) Top Tens,

Sheds & Summers Houses are a valuable addition to any garden, even if it's just a shed for storage, a small man-cave or a beautiful summer house which becomes your second home throughout the summer months - the base point for your outdoor activities like BBQ's or last-minute birthday celebrations.


This week, we've decided to give sheds and summer houses the appreciation they deserve in this post; Top Ten Sheds & Summer Houses


10. Oxford Summerhouse by Sheds Warehouse



The Oxford Summerhouse by Sheds Warehouse is a perfect example of traditionally made summerhouse with a modern open and airy feel & look. It measures 8FT x 8FT and features bi-folding doors.



9. Pent Shed from Shed Center



This pent shed from Shed Center is 8FT x 6FT and features green mineralised roofing felt as standard. To make your garden building even more special other roofing felt options are also available including coloured felt, heavy duty felt and attractive felt tiles in an array of various shapes and colours!



8. The Pavillion from Johnston



The Pavillion is certainly the most expensive of the bunch here coming in at £6,782 (ouch). This summerhouse is huge at 5m x 3m and features double glazing and an apex roof.


Johnstons say "This cabin can be comfortably used all year round and being double glazed is perfect if you have children or require more insulation and soundproofing. Impress your friends and relatives by inviting them over to enjoy your cabin with a well-executed party!"



7. The Log Cabin



This log cabin from the Brentwood garden centre is available with loads of additional features, including rubber roofing, double glazing and its available in two different thicknesses.



6. The Norfolk



The Norfolk is a beautifully traditional summerhouse from Wright Sheds. This is truly a wonderful summerhouse with lots of windows all opening plus a large verandah for sitting on those long hot summer days.



5. Loglap Windsor


The Loglap Windsor is a traditional Summerhouse from Carr Garden Buildings. The Windsor comes as standard with a single half glazed Georgian door and two top-opening Georgian windows.


Included in the price (as a free optional extra) are window boxes and trellis work, which can be removed if you don't want them, just let them know if they're not required when you order.



4. Aldeburgh Lodge


Another beauty from Carr Garden Buildings, the Aldeburgh Lodge has traditional styling with modern practicality.


The Aldeburgh Lodge is a robust country-style retreat with a verandah providing a little more external cover. This model comes as standard with 3" by 2" PAR studwork and 19mm cladding. It is ideal for a workshop or office or a garden retreat.



3. The Adlington



The Adlington is an absolutely stunning log cabin from Rainham Sheds, it's one of our favourites here at Garden Fencing Supplies UK HQ - Featuring incredibly high-quality joiner-made draft-sealed openable windows and a Full Pane double door, inset into the cabin's unique porch creating a lovely place to relax.



2. The Gyles



Rainham Sheds really know how to produce a beautiful outdoor building. The Gyles log cabin combines an exceptional indoor space with a practical outdoor shelter, perfect either as shade from the sun or refuge from the showers.


The elegant Gyles provides an excellent outdoor office environment with a spacious veranda built-in.



1. Standard Log Cabin Studio



Standard Log Cabin Studio from Waltons isn't the most beautiful on this list, and it isn't the cheapest either - It's earned number one spot because we believe it's the best all-rounder.


Designed for a multitude of purposes, the simple design of this building lends itself well in maximising space and providing the perfect place to relax.


2 Comment(s)

Ryan Miller:
28/05/2018, 01:56:49 PM

The Pavillion from Johnston for just under £7,000 :o, I wonder how many they sell!

28/05/2018, 01:57:33 PM

Probably more than you think with the finance available

30/05/2018, 02:59:44 AM

We've got no. 6, or certainly a very similar style and it's perfect for what we need it for.Some of these look good enough to live in!

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